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The South African artist Kendell Geers (b.1968) does not have a great respect for the art establishment.

For the Crap Shoot exhibition he had the curator Rudi Fuchs shadowed by a private detective for a week. In Glasgow he blew up one of the museum walls. Somewhere else he masturbated over a Hustler, framed the result, and hung the ‘painting’ in a museum. In the Palazzo Grassi he urinated in Duchamps’ urinal. He is consequently constantly involved in depicting evil in highly individual art forms that explore the boundaries of what is permissible. As far as Geers is concerned it is not the work of art itself that is important but the message behind it. The main reason he creates ‘art’ is to undermine the establishment. Kendell Geers does not consider himself an artist or an activist. He is not an artist because he doesn’t give a damn about art, and is not an activist because in his view an activist does not fit into today’s world. Geers does not believe in a Utopia, but is more interested in a ‘dystopia’. He sees freedom as the ability to speak for oneself, to define oneself and to be able to represent oneself in a way that meets one’s own needs and experiences rather than those of others, namely those of the media and consumer society.

On April 20, the exhibitions 'Schets of Schim' at Museum Dr.Guislain and 'Shanghai Living' at the Witte Zaal will also open their doors. To give you a chance to visit these exhibitions as well, we are organising a shuttle service between 8.30pm and 11pm. The departure times will be posted at the entrancehall of S.M.A.K., Museum Dr.Guislain and the Witte Zaal.

Supported by Allen & Overy: Allen & Overy LLP is an international legal practice serving companies, banks and public entities from offices in 24 major cities worldwide. 'Justice for all' is our approach to pro bono work and sponsoring activities. Allen & Overy LLP is proud to support this thought-provoking Kendell Geers exhibition.

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