man. Story of a Wound

Ishod 100x140 A4 web

The controversial project EPIFANIE will now be followed by a fascinating exhibition, man, the Story of a Wound from 16 to 19 November 2006.

On the occasion of the year 2000 celebrations, the Centre for Religious Art and Culture, in association with SMAK Ghent, organised the controversial EPIFANIE. This project will now be followed by a fascinating exhibition, man, the Story of a Wound from 16 to 19 November 2006.

Although Story of a Wound is based on Contemporary Art and Religion, it also specifically and decisively focuses on man. It examines humanity in all its aspects. Suffering, as well as joys great and small, sorrow, loss, etc., are some of the themes dealt with. Some artists will create memorable individual portraits while others are more interested in suggesting a collective feeling. How do we experience our environment and our city and how do they affect our lives and the way we associate with one another? The aim of mens is not only to focus on man’s trials and suffering, but also the hope, joy and especially the dignity of people who live on the fringes. The subtitle of the exhibition is Story of a Wound. The wound is a symbol, a hurt, but also signals the beginning of healing. The exhibition shows us images that are confrontational, and occasionally give us comfort and a sense of joy as well as horror and sorrow. mens is a story set in the city; it is about the city and its inhabitants. It is a story familiar to every human.

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