Book 'Prison Drawings'

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In recent years, small groups of students from the Secondary Art Institute (SKI) visited the prison in Ghent together with some of their teachers. You can see the result of that collaboration in the book 'Prison Drawings'.

The detainees were invited to draw in books together. The starting point of the project was to connect detainees from Ghent prison and students from SKI while drawing. The medium for this dialogue was 25 empty sketchbooks.

In cooperation with publisher Hannibal, a selection of the drawings was compiled in the book 'Prison Drawings'. The book shows a huge diversity of impressions, impulses, styles and themes. It is also the impressive result of the thirty-two workshops organised, in which a total of almost five hundred people participated in drawing.

About sixteen people participated in each workshop. The request to the illustrators was to respond to each other's drawings. In this way, the books created a visual exchange between the participants; a colourful dialogue in drawings. One half of the books remained in the prison library between workshops so that inmates who were interested in them could continue drawing in their cells. The other half of the books went back to the school.

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