Cremerie GUILLAUME opens its doors 3 June 2021


S.M.A.K. café ceases to exist and Cremerie Guillaume opens its doors for the first time during our nocturne on 3 June 2021.

From 3 June 2021, come and get an ice cream or a drink in the new ice cream parlour at S.M.A.K. Cremerie GUILLAUME, a contemporary ice cream parlour with a nod to artist Guillaume Bijl, will replace the S.M.A.K. café.

Guillaume Bijl himself will also install a work at the Cremerie.

A "Sorry" work by Guillaume Bijl will be exhibited in the ice cream parlour.

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The 'Sorry' works can take different forms. They are compositions of objects or installations that contain an absurd element, which causes them to deviate from Bijl's realistic visual language and to become surreal. A good example is a bird's nest containing one red and two white billiard balls, a bizarre still life.

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