Curator Aneta Szyłak about her collaboration with Hiwa K - Sunday 6 May 2018 - 11 am

Hiwa K Diagonal

In her lecture Aneta Szyłak will talk about her over a decade-long collaboration with Hiwa K and will address key issues of his practice, such as vernacularity, performativity, estrangement, everydayness and accidentality. 

The talk will touch upon the dimensions of this collaboration such as trips, field research, workshops and their outcomes such as publications and exhibitions they have done together as artist-curator duo. Special attention will be given to the artist’s concept of collaboration and authorship. On view will be also a single-copy book done by Szylak and K for the exhibition “Estrangement” at The Showroom, London. The guest will present her thoughts on the practice of artists starting from the source of forms and situations, making art of Hiwa K so unique and daring.

Practical information

  • Sunday 6 May 2018.
  • 11 am.
  • Entry: museum ticket.

Aneta Szyłak is a curator, researcher and writer, recently responsible for the making of NOMUS – New Art Museum in Gdansk. She previously worked as founding director of Wyspa Institute of Art (2004−2014) and Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia (1998−2001). In years 2010-2016 she was also an artistic director of Alternativa - International Visual Arts Festival. Curated and co-curated exhibitions Damage and Loss (2016) Vernacularity (2015), What’s plain invites pattern (2015) Everydayness (2014), Hito Steyerl: Abstract (2014), Oliver Ressler: Political Imaginaries – Making the World Anew (2014), The Field is to the Sky, Only Backwards (2013), Materiality (2012), Buildings and Remnants (2012), Labour and Leisure (2011), Estrangement (2011, 2010). As curator, Szyłak worked closely with internationally recognized artists - Hito Steyerl, Oliver Ressler and Ewa Partum. She works closely with Hiwa K since 2005 and between 2008 and 2012 rwas involved in their joint project Estrangement in Iraqi Kurdistan. Curating context – the Palimpsest on the Quotidian and the Curatorial is her PhD project at Goldsmiths, London and University of Copenhagen.

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