Migrant's Day

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December 18th is International Migrant Day, an initiative of the United Nations. S.M.A.K. also wants to do its bit in the refugee and migration crisis.

  • Through the sale of postcards (10 pieces at 12 euros) and flags (25 euros) created during the project 'I Wish I Was My Own Country so I Could Be Home Anywhere', we support Doctors Without Borders, which is active in Moria, among other places.
  • The book 'Gentle Figures/Beautiful Friends' with portraits is for sale in the bookshop. This is a publication in cooperation with LUCA School of Arts and Globe Aroma, an open art house in Brussels that welcomes newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers for artistic and cultural exchange.

Please send an email to bookshop@smak.be with what you wish to order..

4.Jan.21 Category: Portrait
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