Drawings by refugees in Belgium

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Last year S.M.A.K. went to reception centres in Flanders and Brussels armed with pencil and paper.

Between September 2015 and February 2016, S.M.A.K. sent out people with pencil and paper to reception centres in the Maximilaan Park in Brussels, Poelkapelle, Sijsele, Koksijde, Leopoldsburg and Holsbeek. We invited the residents to draw.

Volunteers from the museum and artist friends sought out residents at the centres and invited them to make drawings. Some of the many hundreds of drawings that were thus created were collected in the book 'Van hier tot daar' (From here to there).

S.M.A.K. sees this project as a tribute to refugees. The drawings are an opportunity for refugees to sketch an image of their experiences, freely and as individuals, and these offer an insight into their experience. Drawing thereby proves itself to be an extremely direct and universal language.

Our aim is to continue to be involved with the refugees in the future, and to continue to pursue our activities.

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