The youngsters of Amal Ghent visit Healing The Museum and Several Reenactments

SMAK Mayli Sterkendries 21

The youngsters from Amal Ghent were given a guided tour of the exhibitions of Grace Ndiritu and Haegue Yang. With the youth work Parkoer, Amal wants to give young newcomers the chance to practise their Dutch and discover new places in Ghent.

This track was tailor-made for 17- and 19-year-old newcomers from Ghent. Our guide took participants through the various themes covered in the Healing The Museum: film, ecology, protest, spirituality, encounter, rituals,... Haegue Yang's exhibition also addressed the theme of migration.

Amal is the Ghent Integration Agency of Ghent. With art as its driving force, S.M.A.K. tries to move people from diverse backgrounds. We do this by organising numerous art projects with partners from the socio-cultural field.
23.Aug.23 Category: S.M.A.K. Moves
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