La Colonie in presence of Kader Attia - 15 October 2017

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La Colonie Architecture and Ethics Following Kader Attia’s solo exhibition, Repairing the Invisible, S.M.A.K. is pleased to welcome the artist and La Colonie. In 2016 the artist opened this ‘space for free and independent thought’ in a collaborative way in the 10th district of Paris.

Ever since then, it has hosted academics, artists, refugees, feminists and militants to engage in cross-disciplinary critical discussion and activism. La Colonie is a committed occupation of public space, whose unique combination of societal reflection and convivial atmosphere are reflected in a programme of workshops, lectures and concerts.

This is the first time the project is being hosted by an institution. For the museum, La Colonie will guarantee a perceptive and accessible programme on the theme of Architecture and Ethics, with a special focus on ephemeral architecture and re-appropriation.

  • Sunday 15 October 2017 from 2 pm to 6 pm.
  • Program (please follow our website for updates):
    • 2 pm - Introduction

    • 2.15 pm - Architectural historian Richard Klein (Ensap Lille)in discussion with Kader Attia on the work of Roland Simounet in Algeria and its relation to shanty towns and social housing (FR)

    • 3 pm - Presentation by Kader Attia of a text piece by Marie-Ange Brayer about Ugo La Pietra's work (FR/ENG)

    • 3.45 pm - Architectural historian Johan Lagae (UGent) on housing policy in Congo under colonial rule and the afterlife of its legacy (ENG)

    • 4.30 pm - Video and photography artist Niklas Goldbach presents his film Form and Control: Boulevard de L’Europe (ENG)

    • 5 pm - Screening and introduction of the fim Considérent qu'il est plausible que de tels événements puissent à nouveau survenir by Sébastien Thiéry (Paris collective PEROU) (FR)

    • 5.30 pm - Q&A

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  • Free entrance.

It is being held as part of EXTRA, with the support of the Institut français and the Cultural Department of the French Embassy in Belgium.

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