Lili Dujourie wins the 2015 Flemish Culture Prize for the Visual Arts

IMG 6042 web 28c29 Michiel Devijver

Lili Dujourie has won the 2015 Flemish Culture Prize for Visual Arts. She was awarded the prize by the Flemish Minister for Culture Sven Gatz at the S.M.A.K. on Friday 24 June 2016. She received 10,000 euro and an artwork. 

Lili Dujourie (1941, Roeselare) is regarded as one of the most important female Belgian artists since the Second World War. Her fascinating oeuvre is exceedingly diverse. It lies at the intersection of sculpture, fine art, photography, video and installation art. Motifs from art, literature and music are an essential source of inspiration for her.

She succeeds in finding a unique way to push the viewer’s perception further and deeper. ‘My studio is more of a laboratory. Everything begins in my head. I do drawings and then think about how to translate them’, the artist explains.

Using new media, she not only explores the boundaries between the different art disciplines, but also raises current topical questions about gender and identity. “I have always lived in the here and now. My work has always been a response to the time in which I am living”, she says.

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