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Shirley Anna B2

Discover the new podcast 'New Art Club' by Subbacultcha, in which you get to know young creatives while they explore an exhibition by an established artist.

In the first episode, painter Shirley Villavicencio Pizango visits the exhibition 'A Short Long History' of Armenian Anna Boghiguian.

We listen to Shirley's highlights from the exhibition and also find out more about her personal life. Like how she thought she could not become an artist, her memories of her homeland Peru and how she gives coloured women a central place in her paintings.

You can visit "A Short Long History" for free until 2 May 2021 with your membership to Subbacultcha.


In this second episode, we’ve invited Ruud Van Moorleghem and Mert Sen, founders of the collective Bebe Books, to S.M.A.K. in Ghent. They visit the exhibition Hello, are we in the show by artist duo Denicolai and Provoost.

They tell their story, of how working together as a couple fueled their activism and the importance of creating not only with but from within communities.

You can visit "Hello, are we in the show" for free until 30 May 2021 with your membership to Subbacultcha.

Rebecca Why Are You Angry

In the third episode, Subbacultcha invites artist Rebecca Jane Arthur to visit 'Why Are You Angry', a selection of the most recent artworks that S.M.A.K. added to its collection.

She tells us about her travels, which eventually brought her to Belgium, and about the challenges of making personal art that tries to capture a memory.

You can visit "Why are you angry" for free until 30 May 2021 with your membership to Subbacultcha.

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