New edition | Willem Boel, A well balanced painting multiple

Boel Willem nr 3

Willem Boel | A well balanced painting multiple, 2021
35 x 28 x 26cm, iron, paint, cardboard, plastic, tape

8 original works of which 2 are still available.

870 euro | 800 euro (members)
The recently published catalogue, featuring the artist's work, is included.

Willem Boel (°1983, Sint-Niklaas) lives and works in Ghent. Since 2009, he has been working on an interdisciplinary oeuvre with a focus on installation. His in situ installations, performances and two-dimensional works function as carriers of visual information; the open structures are witnesses to a real or feigned industrial history. They bear the marks and bruises of intensive labour and repetitive actions.

The editions 'A well balanced painting' are eight studies, or maquettes that laid the basis for a first monumental rotating painting that was realised in the Sint-Antonius Abt church in Ghent (Meulestede) in 2021. The composition of the painting was determined by the weight of the applied paint. The colour and materiality of the paint was of secondary importance in the creation, but it did provide the final appearance of the work. An image made with gravity as its protagonist in a dress rehearsal for a new series in Willem Boel's oeuvre.

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