Nocturne: About Panamarenko - Citadelic Jazz - 06.02.2020


Every first Thursday of the month (except July and August), the museum stays open until 9 pm. On Thursday 6 February 2020, you can enjoy two concerts by Citadelic Jazz and watch a documentary about Panamarenko.

About Panamarenko - 7 pm

In 2001, Inge Godelaine made a portrait of Panamarenko in his studio in the Biekorfstraat in Antwerp. Only the artist speaks, which is typical of her filmed portraits. There are no imposed or predetermined questions, there is no interview, no scenario. Just his unique world and experiences, with Panamarenko telling his story through the camera in his own inimitable way. Sometimes he says a lot, at other times very little. The film offers the viewer an uninterrupted look at Panamarenko’s thoughts and actions (Godelaine’s films are always shot in one take). We see the artist at work, talking and thinking, creating a new artwork and sharing his ideas… You are, as it were, a fly on the wall in the artist’s studio.

Philippe Van Cauteren will be in conversation with the filmmaker prior to the screening.

You will also be able to preview the exhibition From the collection | Panamarenko (works on paper), prior to its official opening the following evening.

Citadelic Jazz

  • 8 pm - GLiTS (BE) – Bart Maris (trumpet), Peter Vandenberghe (piano). GLiTS stands for Getting Lost In Tiny Spaces, namely small soundscapes. As a duo, Peter Vandenberghe and Bart Maris have been setting off on enthusiastic adventures for several years now, with twenty-five years of kinship in various larger ensembles such as X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society as baggage. They go in search of more direct musical dialogues in ever-changing soundscapes, using Bart’s compositions and via freely improvised pieces.
  • 9 pm - PETER HERTMANS QUINTET (BE/NL/CZ) CD release: ‘Live at Dommelhof’ - Peter Hertmans (guitar), Steven Delannoye (saxophone), Nicola Andrioli (piano), Jos Machtel (double bass), Marek Parman (drums). Guitarist Peter Hertmans has evolved into a well-established name on the Belgian jazz scene, and has already lit up the stage alongside a diverse range of national and international artists. In addition, he regularly collaborates with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra. For this quintet, he surrounds himself with his favourite musicians. Think of the beautiful sound and vivid imagination, but also of Steven Delannoye’s virtuoso saxophone playing, the refined piano skills of Nicola Andrioli (better known for his work with Philip Catherine), the soft and rich bass of masterful Jos Machtel, and Marek Patrman’s melodic-harmonic drumming.

Citadelic Jazz website

* Inge Godelaine (b. 1964) has enjoyed a long career as a visual artist, working across a number of disciplines: painting, drawing, video and photography. In her paintings, for example, she plays on the gaze of the viewer, who is repeatedly challenged to search for the core, or the subject, of the image that appears on the canvas. As in her films, she allows the viewer to fill in, conceive or create the meaning. For twenty-eight years, Inge Godelaine was the assistant to Belgian artist and iconoclast Jef Geys (1934-2018). Film details: PANAMARENKO, 2001, 36’37”, Dutch language, English subtitles, all rights reserved to Inge Godelaine.

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