Discovery tour Grace Ndiritu & Haegue Yang 6+

Kinderen Grace2

In exhibitions by British-Kenyan Grace Ndiritu and South Korean Haegue Yang, spirituality, unwinding and watching go hand in hand. Explore with children: from breathing to summoning spirits...

Grace Ndiritu, the British-Kenyan artist, loves nature because it is quiet there. Only when there is no other way does she go to the city. The quiet, that's what Grace Ndiritu wants to bring in here in the museum too. Only that way can you do things together, talk or think with each other.

At the request of S.M.A.K., Haegue Yang created a group of mysterious sculptures. The figures are made of everyday materials, such as bells. In many different cultures, these are used to bring the world of people and spirits together. Sit down on the ground, among the sculptures and look closely. There is so much to discover, but beware of ghosts!

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Practical information
  • In Dutch.
  • The paper version is available free of charge at the counter.
  • For the whole family, 6+
  • Children and youngsters up to 18 years have free admission to the museum.
  • Bring something to draw!
  • Up to 10.Sep.2023 in S.M.A.K.
1.Jun.23 Category: For children
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