Encounter with art workshop de Zandberg

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De Zandberg is an art workplace in Harelbeke for people with disabilities. As part of a mutual encounter, S.M.A.K. visited the artists' studios.

For a year, S.M.A.K. and art workplace De Zandberg meet in various ways. De Zandberg offers studio space to artists with disabilities and coaches them artistically. In this way, the art workplace aims to contribute to the artistic and personal development of the artists.

For this first meeting, a few S.M.A.K. team members travelled to Harelbeke for a tour of the artists' studios. They work in very different disciplines including drawing, painting, woodworking, ceramics and textile art.

The artwork The Zandberg Drawing, by former Zandberg resident Danny Bergeman, is part of S.M.A.K.'s collection and was recently shown in the exhibition 'Splendid Isolation'.

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