Our Ambassadors become image detectives

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The pupils of the Mandala school in Ghent are our ambassadors this school year. They are turning S.M.A.K. inside out and are making the museum even more youthful. From the Christmas holidays, you can listen to their audio guide.

Nothing more exciting than unravelling a mystery. And paintings often carry such mysteries with them. That is why we call in our image detectives: 19 pupils from the Mandala school here in Ghent. An image detective looks for answers, in works of art. It is someone who can look carefully. Who notices things that other people might not see.

Our ambassadors first talked to S.M.A.K. curator Tanja Boon and then delved into the exhibition 'picky people notice...,' by Rose Wylie themselves. They became real image detectives and made an audio tour of their search.

To be listened to from the Christmas holidays onwards!

7.Dec.22 Category: For children
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