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We are very proud to introduce our 19 ambassadors from the Bison class of the Freinetschool Mandala in Rabot, Ghent.

They will turn S.M.A.K. inside out this school year (2022-2023) and make it (even!) more youth-proof.

A workshop for schools or an audio tour in Rose Wylie picky people notice..., you will soon discover it in S.M.A.K.

Our museum values all visitors, including young voices. Children and young people look at art in a different way: they often react more spontaneously, do not know the background of an artwork and provide a fresh perspective. In 2020, we released a catalogue tailored to children and young people, a year later we created The Exhibition with them. But the commitment continues even now.

In collaboration with Brede School Gent.

6.Oct.22 Category: S.M.A.K. Moves
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