On the road with Anna B

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'On the road with Anna B' is the discovery tour in the exhibition 'A Short Long History' of Anna Boghiguian. Together with your children, you walk through the history of France, Egypt, England, Istanbul, the United States and Belgium.

S.M.A.K. looks like a life-size book full of colourful drawings on the walls and pop-up cut-out figures. Stroll between the stories and who knows, you might discover what the common thread is between all these stories... through our discovery tour (in Dutch).

Anna Boghiguian was born in Egypt in 1946. Her father was a clockmaker from Armenia. First Boghiguian studied art and political science, later she went to Canada to study music. Today she still travels around the world as an artist. Anna Boghiguian observes how people live and work in all corners of the world and creates works of art about the places she visits. On the way, she draws sketchbooks full of which she then makes large cut-out figures.

  • You can ask for a paper version at the counter or via this PDF (in Dutch).
  • Up to 2 May 2021 in S.M.A.K.
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2.Apr.21 Category: For children
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