Open call: How can we make museums more accessible for young people?(-26 years old)

Opening De Tentoonstelling Image by Eva Vlonk 15

Thank you for applying! We found enough volunteers! Mystery Shopping, an AmuseeVous project that studies how youth-proof Belgian museums are, is looking for 4 extra volunteers to collaborate on a tool to lower the threshold between young visitors and museums.

A team of volunteers has been working for several months on the development of a sustainable tool to map and enhance the museum experience of young people. The tool aims to motivate more young people to enter into dialogue with museums.

A prototype has already been designed and will be further developed in the next phase of the project. Different groups of young people will test how we can refine the prototype into a widely usable tool.

Therefore, we are looking for 4 extra volunteers who can come together on three occasions. An allowance is foreseen for the participating volunteers.

Practical information
  • You are younger than 26 years old.
  • 3 sessions: preparation for testings (date to be determined), test day in S.M.A.K. (2 June 2022), focus discussion about the testings (date to be determined).
  • Are you or do you know someone who would like to participate? Send a message to
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