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One way or another is an exhibition of work by the 42 artists with whom Posture Editions have made a book over the past 10 years. This independent publisher of artists' books, founded in 2011, has now published 47 books in A4 format. The publication series has been able to grow thanks to the enthusiasm of many artists, writers, museums, curators and readers.

Nikolaas Demoen, Katrien Daemers and Stien Stessens are guided in their choice of artists by their personal intuition and always invite a writer to write a text in relation to the visual work.

Young gods, adult icons, mavericks and forgotten artists alternate in an unpredictable way and without any objective coherence.

The Posture Editions do not walk a straight path, but make circular movements, detours, go down a blind alley, come across the field and thus form a surprisingly diverse map of contemporary art in Belgium.

One way or another is also the title of the very first Posture Pockets.

Posture Editions is hereby starting a parallel series in novel format. In this first issue, number 0, all Posture Editions of the past ten years are presented in order of appearance by reproducing the cover, an inside page and a text fragment.

Both the exhibition in S.M.A.K. and the book follow the logic of a timeline, so that the book can be read in the order of the exhibition and the exhibition is constructed according to the logic of the book.

Practical information
  • Exhibition: 30.Oct.2021 to 28.Nov.2021
  • Hall 1, This hall is free of charge.
  • Book presentation: 6.Nov. at 16:00
  • Website.
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