Roger Matthys (08/03/1920 - 22/02/2016)

Roger matthys

Yesterday, Roger Matthys would have turned 101 years old. Matthys was a key figure in the formation of the current S.M.A.K.

Roger Matthys was one of the founders of the 'Association for the Museum of Contemporary Art' and under his chairmanship, in 1975, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MHK), now S.M.A.K., was finally established.

As an art connoisseur at heart, he had an excellent eye for young, innovative artists and, together with his wife Hilda Colle, he bought works by Cy Twombly, Tom Wesselmann, Roy Lichtenstein, Bruce Nauman, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, etc. The Matthys-Colle family still considers it important that the general public can become acquainted with their collection. That is why a large part of their collection was given on long-term loan to S.M.A.K. last year.

Tom Wesselmann's top work "The Great American Nude #45" from 1963 can currently be viewed in the museum together with four other works from the famous collection. It is a foretaste of the major pop art exhibition that opens on 27 November 2021, in which the Matthys-Colle Collection will play a major role.

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