S.M.A.K. & BD launch Art for Care


S.M.A.K. visits Belgian hospitals to offer an interactive museum experience to patients.

Art can bring them into another world, form the basis for a good conversation and offer a welcome distraction from the daily struggle with an illness or the pain of a recovery process. That is why S.M.A.K. likes to come to them.

What is Art for Care?

With 'Art for Care' we bring art to people who cannot come to the museum. Thanks to the support and care expertise of BD (Becton Dickinson, a medical technology company) we were able to set up a program specifically for hospitals: Art for Care.

How does it work?

A guide from S.M.A.K. goes to the hospital with a suitcase full of carefully selected works of art. The selection consists of drawings, paintings, but also video works and sculptures. It includes work by well-known artists such as Richard Jackson, Guillaume Bijl, Peter Rogiers and Navid Nuur, but also by young or less well-known names.

S.M.A.K. brings this stimulating collection of stories, testimonies, poetry, philosophical questions and powerful images carefully to the patients for a unique experience: experiencing art in the intimacy of the personal (hospital) environment.

14.Jun.22 Category: S.M.A.K. Moves
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