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S.M.A.K. wants to show its solidarity with vulnerable groups, such as people on the run, in different ways. That is why we support the organisation Een Hart voor Vluchtelingen (A Heart for Refugees), which supports hundreds of people in and around Ghent. The collection of items runs until 15 April. After that we will start various fundraising activities.

Where words fail, action proves its power. Recent events in Ukraine once again underline the vulnerable position of people on the run. That is why S.M.A.K. calls on you to bring things or donate money to Een Hart voor Vluchtelingen.

S.M.A.K. projects with refugees

Donate items until 15 April

Since March we have been collecting stuff for EHVV, an action that has been successful thanks to the visitors. We are now shifting the focus mainly to financial support. Many people on the run are in need of budget to buy medicines, recharge their mobile phone or bus cards, or make translations.

S.M.A.K. wants to show solidarity with vulnerable groups, such as people on the run, in various ways. For example, S.M.A.K. published a book with drawings of people living in refugee camps in Northern Iraq and Belgium, and teenagers designed a flag together with young people on the run, based on their own values and regardless of nationality. The proceeds of each of these projects went to organisations that support people on the run.

In solidarity, next week we will hang the flags of Ukraine next to flags made by people fleeing from other countries.

Until 15 April: Items to be donated in Room 1, please in new or very good condition
  • Laptops/mobile phones/headphones
  • Underwear (man/woman/teenager/child)
  • Socks
  • Backpacks/handbags/bags
  • Dates/nuts/honey
  • Cutlery
  • Bath towels
  • Bus tickets
  • Budget for: reloading mobile phones & data, medicins, train tickets, translations and so on.
Practical information
  • The collection of items runs until 15 April.
  • You can donate items in Room 1 (on the left-hand side of the museum, by the bookshop) during museum hours (Tues - Fri: 9:30 - 17:30 | weekends/holidays: 10:00 - 18:00, always closed on Mondays)
  • This area is free of charge.
  • You can donate money on BE04 8901 5426 8831. For donations of at least €40, you are entitled to a tax certificate. You can find all the information via this link .
  • A Heart for Refugees also works with a wish list of things they can use extra, which you can find via this link.
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