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Ad haider

On Friday 21 August 2020, our advertisement for the Solidarity Prize XL 2020 appeared in De Standaard newspaper. Artist Haider Jabbar went to work as a drawing journalist. 

Haider Jabbar, an Iraqi artist, seized upon an article in the newspaper De Standaard to transform his sharp expression into a drawing. Jabbar chose the item about the possible poisoning of opposition leader Nalvani in Russia over a cup of tea. He heard the story, reflected and went straight to work. This resulted in a personal interpretation of this event, with the quote "It's not my cup of tea" in Arabic above it.

S.M.A.K. tries to get people with different backgrounds moving through art and drawing. Because we can all draw, it is a universal language that connects us. And that is what S.M.A.K. tries to do: connect us. Through art. With art.

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