Register now for Summer Salon 2023: BUY LOCAL #3 in Kunsthal Gent


Register for the Summer Salon 2023: BUY LOCAL #3 at Kunsthal Gent until 31 May 2023 and get the chance to show and sell your work to a wide audience.

With this extensive exhibition, Kunsthal Gent presents a great diversity of works, creating a broad view of the current visual arts scene in our city.

Unlike the usual exhibitions within Kunsthal Gent, for Zomersalon: Buy Local 3 they take the radical but deliberate decision that any Ghent artist can participate. The public can thus immerse themselves in the full breadth of Ghent's visual arts scene and come into contact with the artists behind the works. Ghent organisations are invited to support and shape the Summer Salon as partners. In this way, we create a framework that enables encounters between artists, art organisations, the public and potential buyers.

The concept of the Summer Salon originated during the corona crisis, to financially support artists in difficult times. The first editions took place in 2020 and 2021, in collaboration with the Ghent Arts Consultation. It did not miss its effect. Each edition attracted 6,000 visitors. First 600, then about 700 artists took part and about half of the works on display found a buyer, accounting for €125,000 in works sold each time. The proceeds went directly to the artists. 70 Ghent organisations communicated with the Summer Salon, 15 of which organised their own events within the Summer Salon: from lectures and tours to workshops and brunch. Besides being a cross-section of Ghent's rich art scene, the Summer Salon became the place to meet each other and the artists behind the work.

In 2023, Kunsthal Gent will continue this momentum, once again offering a wealth of visual artworks for sale. Welcome to Zomersalon: Buy Local 3, from 14 July to 3 September at Kunsthal Gent.

Zomersalon 2023: Buy Local 3 is organised by Kunsthal Gent.

More information
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  • FB-event
  • You can register to participate until 31 May 2023
  • The Summer Salon: Buy Local 3 takes place from 14 July to 3 september in Kunsthal Gent.
  • Kunsthal Gent: Lange Steenstraat 14, 9000 Gent.
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