Leo Copers - Dreams are Made of This

The book gives an overview of 50 years of artistic practice and shows how, from the beginning, Copers sought ways to connect seemingly incompatible elements such as gas and fire, or water and electricity. This tension is essential to Copers' oeuvre and remains so to this day. Dreams are Made of This is divided into thematic chapters and thus attempts to bring structure to an eclectic and multifaceted oeuvre. Hilde Teerlinck wrote down a number of conversations she had with the artist that provide a personal insight into his work.

Size:26 x 21 cm Number of pages:352p Languages:Nederlands, Engels Texts from:Ory Dessau, Hilde Teerlinck & Philippe Van Cauteren Price:39,90 euro ISBN:978-94-9181-992-6
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