Martin Kippenberger - Einer von Euch unter Euch mit Euch

Martin Kippenberger (born 1953 in Dortmund, died 1997 in Vienna) is one of the most important and simultaneously controversial artists of the twentieth century. “Self-promoter”, “enfant terrible”, art-punk”, “bogey of the bourgeoisie”, “unique artist” – the labels stamped on Kippenberger are as numerous as they are vacuous, but nearly always concentrate on the artist’s exceptional personality. Kippenberger’s complex work embracing painting, drawing, object art, writing, photography, installation and performance, also collecting and curatorial activities, leads all platitudes about being an artist and the art business by the nose.

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Size:20x24 cm Number of pages:192p (167 tekeningen, 155 in kleur) Languages:Duits Texts from:Daniel Baumann, Susanne Kippenberger, Doris Krystof, Jessica Morgan, Gregory Williams Location exhibition:Tate Modern (London) Price:€21 ISBN:ISBN 10: 3775717692 / ISBN 13: 9783775717694
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