Tarek Atoui The Organ Within
6.Apr.24 - 25.Aug.24 Tarek Atoui the Shore / a place I’d like to be

25.May.24 - 5.Jan.25 Private Passion X Public Duty.Hoet & Matthys-Colle: Through Collectors’ Eyes.
From the Collection

25.May.24 - 8.Sep.24 From the Collection: Together Collaborative Art Practices
From the Collection

6.Apr.24 - 8.Sep.24 Sirah Foighel Brutmann & Eitan Efrat

20.Mar.24 - 20.Aug.24 Museumplein 01 | Lisa Ijeoma: Mirror Palace


New exhibitions coming up



From the Collection

About S.M.A.K.

S.M.A.K. puts the artist at the heart of its thoughts and actions. We invest in the greatest possible quality for a broad and varied public and would like to be experienced as an open house: transparent and generous. In artistic terms, we present ourselves as a laboratory, a place of experiment and renewal, where we can see today what may be important tomorrow. S.M.A.K. leaves questions open, urges one to think, retains its scepticism.
Philippe Van Cauteren

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