Book Presentation Denitsa Todorova Phosphenes (Seeing Stars)


In this book presentation, artist Denitsa Todorova will have a conversation with artistic director of S.M.A.K. Philippe Van Cauteren on her work and new book. Peter Verhelst will read the poems he wrote for 'Phosphenes (Seeing Stars)'.

'Phosphenes (Seeing Stars)' gives a unique overview of the oeuvre of the Bulgarian artist Denitsa Todorova. Works and installation photographs are interspersed with personal studio images of the artist, providing a unique insight into the creation process of the artworks. The process and the works are further explained by means of a series of texts and poems that were specially written for this publication by Philippe Van Cauteren, Peter Verhelst, Pieter Vermeulen and Eric Min.

The sophisticated design and production of the book are an extension of Todorova's ambition to recreate sensory impressions of everyday phenomena. Textures, shapes and patterns such as water surfaces, reflections, marble structures and fireworks explosions attract her attention as an artist. Accidental, seemingly futile details that nevertheless make up the fabric of reality: the noise of reality. Like Todorova's work, the book seeks to give visual shape to these sensory phenomena.

Denitsa Todorova is from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She lives and works in Antwerp, where she is represented by DMW Gallery.

Practical Information
  • Saturday 19.Jun.21
  • Starts at 17:00
  • Conversation between Philippe Van Cauteren and Denitsa Todorova, reading by Peter Verhelst
  • Afterwards, possibility to buy a book and have a signing session
  • Mail to to register
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