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Elke Andreas Boon ON HOPE ETC

Coinciding with the music album 'The Broken Heart of Mati Le Dee', the artist releases the book: On Hope, Etc. out. It takes you through Boon's multidisciplinary work from 2002 to the present.

Elke Andreas Boon ON HOPE ETC

On Hope, Etc. takes you through Boon's multidisciplinary work from 2002 to the present, and includes contributions by Philippe Van Cauteren, Dieter Roelstraete, Dirk Steenhaut, Sophie Kaplan, Pierre Muyle and Tanguy Eeckhou

Both the album and the book testify to a personal and idiosyncratic oeuvre with a powerful, immediate topicality as S.M.A.K director Philippe Van Cauteren describes it: 'Boon's work straightforwardly questions themes that are universal. Questions of gender, identity, loneliness, religion and the possible interweaving of all these are on the work table. The oeuvre is not bound to one medium and is completely intertwined with the artist, private and public knows no division, visual, performance and musical oeuvre are one course, one whole. Regardless of the medium used, Boon always looks for a fundamental ambiguity, an undercurrent. A kind of unruly fragility that invites reflection and communication and uses universal, existential themes: questioning the subcutaneous power structures in religion, gender, age and other economic systems. The oeuvre grafts itself quite directly onto the art tradition and then, through small interventions, redraws everything and creates a new context.'

In collaboration with Pieter-Jan De Waele.

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