GHOST x Monterey


On the weekend of 6 and 7 May, experience a cultural carousel of music, performance, photography, slam poetry, mappings and visual art in and around S.M.A.K. GHOST x Monterey takes place in Citadel Park, MSK and in Room 1 of S.M.A.K.

Get ready for a nomadic experience that will literally and figuratively take you to the most unexpected corners of the artistic spectrum.

On Saturday evening, 6 May, in the Citadelpark, stroll past various mini-live performances by Maria Iskariot, Loverman, Gameboyz II Men, Soapstarter, 60 Degrees of Separation, Friends Are Magic, Cesar De Sutter-Pinoy, Raveyards, RT60Fields & Laura De Souter, Loeke Vanhoutteghem, Cruise Lento and Mathijs Steels, among others.

Visual installations are by Emiel a. Rambeaux, Tim Onderbeke & Julie Poisquet, Ysbear, Willem Deschryver, Hanse Cora, Klaas Bullynck and live painting VR by Dirty Belgium.

On Sunday 7 May, slide your feet under the table for brunch. Afterwards, while visiting MSK and S.M.A.K., you can not only discover the current exhibition but also catch some mini-live performances by Fritz, Simon Segers, Wendy and Youri Noir, among others. You can also watch a painting VR battle between Marlies Declerck and Bernard Gilbert. In S.M.A.K. we show works by Daisy Darkpark and Hanse Cora.

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Practical information
  • Saturday 6.May.2023, starts at 17:00 in KIOSK Monterey.
  • Sunday 7.May.2023, performances start at 11:00.
  • In Room 1 in S.M.A.K.
  • Entry to S.M.A.K. is free if you have a ticket for GHOST x Monterey, registration at the counter is required.
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