Late Thursday November 2022

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On Thursday 3 November 2022, S.M.A.K. and the other Ghent museums will keep their doors open until 10pm. Come along for an evening visit to the ongoing exhibitions, live music and a drink or ice cream at Crèmerie GUILLAUME.

Guided walk-in tour Philippe Van Snick dynamic project

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Our guide will take you through the exhibition dynamic project featuring the work of Belgian artist Philippe Van Snick. You will walk through 10 museum rooms past well-known and surprising, lesser-known works. Be inspired by his simple, mathematical, poetic and colourful language.

More information on the guided walk-in tour

Dance by Mooni Van Tichel in dynamic project

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During the Philippe Van Snick dynamic project exhibition, dancer and choreographer Mooni Van Tichel will provide ten activations based on Van Snick's use of the decimal system. She does this together with Thibault Rousselet. Come and watch on Late Thursday. The activations start at 16:00 and 19:00.

More info on the activation by Mooni Van Tichel

Live music by Citadelic Jazz

Citadelic jazz oktober 2022

Citadelic Jazz provides your share of live music on Thursday nights.

  • 20:00 - Wisdom Trio (IT/US)
    Wisdom Trio consists of Italians Riccardo Luppi and Filippo Monico, and the renowned American bassist Joe Fonda, all belonging to a generation of musicians for whom their careers began in the 1970s and on whom the free music that was then emerging in the previous years had a strong influence, on a strictly musical level as well as on a cultural and emotional level.

    They seek musical satisfaction and wisdom by listening to each other, stripping themselves of schemes and influences, and thus getting away from their ego, especially by avoiding the usual "soloist plus rhythm section" dynamic, "except in some moments when Riccardo is particularly melodic," says Monico, "and we feel that the melody should develop."

    Riccardo Luppi (IT) - saxophone
    Joe Fonda (US) - contrabass
    Filippo Monico (IT) - percussion & drums
  • 21:00 - Kaze & Ikue Mori (FR/JP/US)
    Top team of improvisers visiting under the able leadership of 2 gentlemen from Lille's Muzzix, with top Japanese pair of improvisers Satoko Fujii-Natsuki Tamura and iconic New York experimental drummer, electronics wizzard and graphic designer Ikue Mori as special guests.

    Those who have ever tried to light a fire in a breezy chimney may have a little idea of what’s blowing in the Kaze project. The quartet, fissued rom the adventurous ranks of the Muzzix collective, made the wind its patronymic. Kaze is the wind in Japanese. Kaze knows his winds with the two brass instruments blown by Natsuki Tamura and Christian Pruvost. 2 trumpets facing two hammerers: Peter Orins behind his drums and Satoko Fujii facing the keyboard of an extended piano. There’s music in the air. This quartet is definitely there. Breath of all types. The rough, the harsh and the severe, the light, the very playful and the lyrical oblique. Very large amplitude of the musical material played in a new repertoire. Nothing but hot air, yes. But very very consistent. Ideas are free, the interplay is terribly free, too. What is played here has the thickness of tales whose origins have been lost and which are reinvented in the moment, with a mischievous vivacity. And Kaze’s invitation to Ikue Mori doesn’t help this jubilant abstraction. A fraction of the DNA of DNA (this group of New York’s silly-sonics whose antics must still be shaking up contemporary concepts), Ikue Mori also knows how to play pedal to the metal. Illustrating here, disfiguring there. Far from decorating, far from nicely contraposing, his electronics pushes Kaze’s winds into even more floating limits. And the breath, for example, taken up by Pruvost, on the occasion of a solo manipulated like Bubka did with a pole (/w flexibility and power), to find a suspended moment. Voluble and ready to throw his four compatriots into contradictory debates, redirected by Peter Orins’ irrevocable typing or Satoko Fujii’s barely well tempered keyboard. “He who makes winds will live long. “My grandmother used to say. No better."
    Guillaume Malvoisin | Pointbreak | About Kaze & Ikue Mori at Sons d’Hiver,January 2020

    Ikue Mori (JP) - electronics
    Satoko Fujii (JP) - piano
    Natsuki Tamura (JP) - trumpet
    Christian Pruvost (FR) - trumpet
    Peter Orins (FR) - percussion & drums

Philippe Van Snick: dynamic project

Philippe Van Snick Lingots 1993 1024x680 jpeg

dynamic project

shows Van Snick's work in ten museum galleries, along his first sculptural analyses of time and space, conceptual photographs, short films and paintings. These also refer to the decimal system (0-9) inherent in his comprehensive oeuvre. Key works are accompanied by surprising, lesser-known works.

Special attention is also paid to Philippe Van Snick's numerous innovative permanent projects in the public space, and limited-edition editions, magazines and unique documents are presented, most of which have never been shown to the public before.

N. Dash earth

Dash5 9 224854

At the center of N. Dash’s work (b. 1980, Miami, Florida, US) is a commitment to the energy of transformation, movement, and care. The artist incorporates materials such as earth, paint, plastic bottles, string, agricultural netting, strips of Styrofoam, cast-off cardboard, and jute, into complex, often multi-panel compositions that draw from the languages and methods of sculpture, photography, and printmaking. With a notable economy of means, N. Dash’s work expresses the tension between industrially produced goods and naturally occurring substances in an ecological vision that honors the land and its unseen energies.

Marc De Cock: An imaginary portrait in works of art

Gilbert George

S.M.A.K. is once again showing artworks from the Matthys-Colle collection. The current exhibition is an imaginary portrait of Marc De Cock, the former president of the Society of the Friends. He can safely be called one of the inspirers of S.M.A.K. Discover how works by Berlinde de Bruyckere, Bruce Nauman and Gilbert & George, among others, depict his person and commitment.

Practical information
  • Thursday 3.Nov.2022, 18:00-22:00.
  • Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Ghent.
  • Book your ticket online or at the desk.
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