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In Room 1, we show the process of photography workshops for people with mental vulnerability. Patients from the psychiatric centre Dr Guislain, Gent-Sleidinge and Karus worked with mentormentor.

Since early 2017, S.M.A.K. has been organising regular photography workshops for people with mental vulnerability, in collaboration with photographer Anja Hellebaut of Mentormentor. The format of the project is simple: participants visit the museum, are each given a camera and then set to work for four weeks to realise their own series of photographs. The results are very direct and at the same time very personal, with the camera acting sometimes as a shield, other times as a window on the world.

In Room 1, you can follow the process of the most recent workshops with patients from PC Dr Guislain, PC Gent-Sleidinge and Karus. In this workshop process, the focus was on presenting their self-made photos, using the museum as inspiration to develop a scenography of their own.

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  • On view in Room 1, in S.M.A.K.
  • From Saturday 29.Apr.2023.
  • Ongoing.
  • Free admission.
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