Museum Night at the Ghent Museums

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On Museum Night, the Ghent museums will once again open their doors wide until 1 am. Be surprised by what the museums have to offer, plan your route and combine two or three museums.

On Museum Night, Abel Ghekiere's music switches effortlessly between modern jazz and traditional folk. Together with his band, he will perform the musical piece Frames: a composition for Philippe Van Snick at S.M.A.K., as part of the exhibition on the Belgian artist. Also make time for a diversion to see the work of Rose Wylie, one of the most celebrated figurative painters of the moment.

Precy credit KEEN

Précy Numbi - Robot Kimbalambala

Robot sapiens Kimbalambala is an impressive figure, a superhero made out of assembled plastic waste and scrap metal. With his alter ego, Congolese artist Précy Mumbi aims to create awareness around the themes of ecology, waste, origins and wandering.

Performance 30 min - 19:00

Stanleyollivier portret

Stanley Ollivier - Spine of Desire: Wounds without tears, out of one skin in diamonds and shit

French dancer, performer and choreographer Stanley Ollivier is interested in physical research, which is not limited to movement. He works around questions about the place of entertainment in contemporary dance, and about context shift, identity, humour and versatility. During Museum Night, he will show a short solo/extract from an investigation that started at La Briqueterie in Paris, and will culminate in a trio during a residency in Zurich. Ollivier studied at the Académie Internationale de la Danse and the CNSMDP in Paris and obtained his Master of Arts in dance at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.

Dance performance 10 min - 19:30, 20:30, 21:30

Lou Cocody Valentino

Lou Cocody-Valentino en Ariel Tintar - Abrijman

Textiles and music come together in the creation of textile artist Lou Cocody-Valentino and musician Ariel Tintar. They take visitors to an island of sound and stories, a safe space enveloped in textiles. The island refers to Martinique, their birthplace and inspiration for the installation. The duet they perform centres on memory visualised in an accumulation of layers: layers of textiles and musical influences with Creole singing, piano music and electronic beats.

Musical performance 30 min - 21:00, 22:00, 23:00.

Philippe Van Snick: dynamic project

221021 SMAK Philippe Van Snick 76 kopie

S.M.A.K. takes you for a walk through the work of Philippe Van Snick (1946-2019) through sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, paintings, drawings, models and editions. From the 1960s, he devised a mathematical system to organise the world around him. For instance, each time he combined a limited number of numbers and colours in a different way, giving him a poetic grasp of reality.

Rose Wylie: picky people notice…,

Rose Wylie, A Handsome Couple, 2022

The first solo exhibition by British painter Rose Wylie (b. 1934, Hythe), one of today's most celebrated figurative painters, features 26 paintings including mostly recent and some never-before-seen works. Rose Wylie's extensive oeuvre incorporates subjects from literature, cinema, mythology and celebrity culture into visually intense compositions of a playful nature, and she often draws inspiration from her immediate surroundings.

The transformations in Wylie's paintings are also underpinned in a multifaceted way: expressive continuous lines alternate with thick blobs of paint applied directly with the palette knife.

Practical information
  • Thursday 1.Dec.2022.
  • Doors open from 18:00 to 01:00.
  • The Ghent Museums are free to visit (Design Museum Gent is closed).
  • You can find the full programme via
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