Performance Koen Broucke Voyage autour/au bout du cabinet Broodthaers

Broucke The Library 2014

On Thursday 7 October 2021, Koen Broucke will present the performance 'Voyage autour/au bout du cabinet Broodthaers', followed by a book launch with an introduction by Philippe Van Cauteren and a discussion between the artist and Pascal Verbeken.

In the performance 'Voyage autour/au bout du cabinet Broodthaers', artist and historian Koen Broucke examines the relationship between landscape, drawing and piano playing, one of the main lines of his doctorate in the arts 'Under the pink darkness of the battlefield, An artistic quest for the atmospheric layers of history'.

The landscape forces Broucke to draw in order to undergo and understand it sensually. The artist also experiences landscapes in piano literature. For him, the wisdom of the hands is needed to bring 'landscapes' to sound or to life. In this way, a rapprochement is created between the hand movements made while drawing and playing the piano.

With music by Dmitri Shostakovich, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff/Thomas de Hartmann, Erik Satie, John Cage, Gabriel Fauré and Robert Schumann.

The Library

A few years ago the artist Koen Broucke donated the work 'The Library' to the S.M.A.K. collection. This installation comprises his personal library as well as paintings and drawings by the artist. 'The Library' forms the pivot of his kaleidoscopic oeuvre in which drawing, painting, music and performative work are central. The installation will be presented in S.M.A.K. in the coming months before it is definitively incorporated into the collection.

Pratical information
  • 19:00 - 20:00 performance in the Broodthaerskabinet.
  • 20:00 - 21:00 Book launch with an introduction by Philippe Van Cauteren, followed by a discussion between Koen Broucke and Pascal Verbeken.
  • The work 'The Library' by Koen Broucke will be on display at S.M.A.K. until 31.Jan.22.
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