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De tentoonstelling 'De Collectie (1), Highlights for a Future' is de aanleiding tot een serie gesprekken over de sterk veranderende rol van musea binnen gemeenschappen. In deze talkshow praten we over onze samenwerkingen met vluchtelingen. 

The museum as a public space for every individual is realised, among other things, by involving people and artists from the refugee community. S.M.A.K. tries to show solidarity with this vulnerable group in various ways and collaborates with various partners such as vzw Humain, Globe Aroma and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen. We also regularly organise events for refugees. In this way, the museum hopes to remain involved with this vulnerable group and continue to draw attention to their complex circumstances.

In 2019 S.M.A.K. Moves participated in various projects and collaborations. Eight classes from OKAN participated in a workshop project in cooperation with LUCA, and we organised a long-term drawing project with Goele de Wanckel and the artists of Globe Aroma. Finally, we asked Edouard Schneider to go on the road with Road of Change from Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen.

In June 2019 Ann Vermeulen spoke about the Road Of Change project and Inge Braeckman told about her visit to the refugee camps on Lesbos and read an excerpt from her book of poetry. Finally, the artist Atiyeh Manavipour spoke about the influence of Iranian poetry on her work.

Around World Refugee Day, 20 June 2019, we also screened the film Je N'aime Plus La Mer. We open our doors to people from the refugee community.

S.M.A.K. Moves - Talk shows

The exhibition "The Collection (1), Highlights for a Future" was the occasion for a series of discussions on the rapidly changing role of museums in communities. Whereas museums used to work primarily from an art historical perspective, the focus is now on social relevance and the role that the public plays in this. Museums are also taking on new tasks: they are actively seeking to establish links with the community and are sometimes moving towards socio-cultural work.

In seven programmes, Katleen Vermeulen (Amarant) interviewed various partners from the S.M.A.K. Moves programme, educational work and guiding work. During these interviews, the structural functioning of S.M.A.K. was discussed, among other things, around projects with prisoners, refugees, people with dementia, young people and children.
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