Preservation of the video installation ‘A las cinco de la tarde’ (1984) van Marie-Jo Lafontaine

On the occasion of the 'Initiatief '86' exhibition, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the forerunner of S.M.A.K., acquired Marie-Jo Lafontaine's video installation 'A las cinco de la tarde' almost 30 years ago.

A las cinco de la tarde 2

By then, the work had already completed a successful tour abroad and the press release of the purchase described the installation as follows in December 1986: "Particularly moving are the amalgamation of close-up shots with appropriate musical fragments and the subtle drive brought about by the sequential rotation".

Since then, the installation could not be shown or used by the museum. Why that was the case and what the museum recently undertook for the long-term presentation and preservation of the work can be read in the web publication on SCART (text is in English).

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