Joris Van de Moortel Pur Nur Fur

Joris Van de Moortel Pur Nur Fur liggend

Modern alchemist Joris Van de Moortel pushes the boundaries of his spectrum with a new solo exhibition. The journey of discovery that is 'Pur, Nur, Fur' unfolds at S.M.A.K. from 5 October 2024 to 2 March 2025, the latest stop of the pilgrimage that began in De Warande.

Joris Van de Moortel (b. 1983, Oostakker-Lourdes; lives and works in Hoboken) has been building his multidisciplinary oeuvre, which transcends borders and defies conventions, for more than 15 years. His studio is akin to a laboratory of the imagination, where he experiments with materials and ideas like a modern alchemist. While traditional alchemists seek eternal life and gold, Van de Moortel seems to be striving for a different kind of treasure: a path through the chaos of a rapidly changing world. At the same time, he remains true to the essence of art, knowledge and imagination.

His musical performances, sculptures and paintings, not to mention his films and tarot cards, contain an abundance of puzzles, puns and art-historical references. A deep-seated creative urge characterises his visual language. For Van de Moortel, this chaotic aesthetic is essential for a critical discussion of the complex relationships between nature, culture, art, religion and contemporary society.

The Oerganic Alchemic Kitchen live in HET BOS Antwerpen 2021 S

The Oerganic Alchemic Kitchen live in HET BOS Antwerpen 2021 S

With Pur, Nur, Fur, Joris Van de Moortel creates an overwhelming installation that fills and transforms S.M.A.K.’s space. New oil paintings, watercolours, models, sculptures, videos and music converge in an almost esoteric setting, wherein every corner tells a story, sometimes hopeful, at other times apocalyptic.

Pur, Nur, Fur is not a static exhibition, but a total experience. Van de Moortel brings the installation to life with live music and performances, blurring the boundaries between artwork and audience, and infusing the space with a unique energy.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Van de Moortel will release a second version of his self-developed tarot cards, a second volume in the comic series Mat & Babelario, and a double album on vinyl compiling fifteen years of performances.

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