De Vereniging presents: Diana Tamane | Typology of Touch

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The Friends of S.M.A.K. invite Diana Tamane to exhibit at De Vereniging.

The Friends of S.M.A.K. invite Diana Tamane to exhibit at De Vereniging.

Diana Tamane (˚1986, Riga, Latvia) studied photography at Tartu Art College (Estonia) and obtained her master’s degree at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, before entering the postgraduate course at HISK in Ghent. She divides her time between Latvia, Estonia and Belgium. She won the 2016 Prize of the Friends of S.M.A.K. as part of the Coming People biennial exhibition of recently graduated young artists. In 2020, she returns to Ghent for her solo exhibition Typology of Touch.

Among other things, Tamane shows the new work Within Arm’s Reach (since 2019), an extensive series of drawings made by her mother as a visual diary while traveling around Europe as a truck driver.

Tamane’s family members have been the subject of her work, often taking an active role in her artistic practice.

The artist explores her roots and identity in a humorous, honest and idiosyncratic way. In addition to the work’s emotional and relational aspects, Tamane tries to use this intergenerational view to paint a picture of a changing society. The micro histories are a way of exposing historical, social, economic and political processes in which she literally and figuratively follows the routes from Europe’s east to west.

Diana Tamane’s publication Flower Smuggler was recently published by APE. This solo presentation and the new publication complement each other, crowning her artistic practice of the past decade.

De Vereninging presents:

  • 07.03.2020 - 30.08.2020 (extended)

With the support of The Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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