De Vereniging: Wim De Pauw | Zwischenzug

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The last in the series of three young Belgian painters to be invited by the Friends of the S.M.A.K. to exhibit at the Vereniging is Wim De Pauw (°1989). 

He graduated from Sint-Lucas in Ghent as a painter. He currently makes assemblages, often gathering materials from the streets; discarded furniture, utility objects and oddments which provide new possibilities.

Using these ‘unconscious still-lifes as traces of our messy business of living’, the sculptures are reconfigured and overpainted or partly wrapped in plastic, as to give them a new skin. These platforms serve as a vehicle or a display for the assembling of visual material from the artist’s archive and other objects. On the principle of the ‘agency of things’, De Pauw associatively constructs a potential 'plot' to overcome the static nature of the object.

‘Zwischenzug’, the title of the exhibition, refers to a chess term, where the player makes an intermediate move instead of the expected move and thereby initiates a new direction in the game.

Friends of S.M.A.K. produced a limited edition together with the artist.

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