Ana Teixeira Pinto on the work of Kader Attia | Sunday 14 April 2019 at 4 pm

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The work ‘Scarification, Self Skin’s Architecture’ by Kader Attia is an artistic exploration of cultural practices in the West, Africa and Asia, and is on display in ‘The Collection (1), Highlights for a Future’. Writer and art historian Ana Teixeira Pinto* devotes a lecture to the work of Kader Attia.

For the solo exhibition ‘Repairing the Invisible’ in 2017, Kader Attia (b. 1970, Dugny) showed part of his personal collection of fabrics for the first time, which he had amassed during his many journeys to Africa. All have been hand-mended, with the repairs left clearly visible. Where Western cultures always refer to the original with a repair, non-Western cultures attach as much importance to the mend as to the wound itself. The damaged is exposed and appropriated, before ultimately becoming part of a new identity. These observations underpin Kader Attia’s notion of ‘repair’, which delves into the treatment of individual or collective experiences of trauma and recovery in our globalised society.

Practical details:

  • Sunday 14 April 2019 at 4 pm.
  • In English.

*Ana Teixeira Pinto is a tutor at the Universität der Künste Berlin, and a researcher at Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg. Her work has recently been published in ‘Alleys of Your Mind: Augmented Intelligence and Its Traumas’ (2015) and ‘Neröse Systeme’ (2016). She regularly writes for e-flux journal, art-agenda, Mousse, Frieze/de, Domus and Texte zur Kunst.

Writer and cultural theorist Ana Teixeira Pinto devotes a lecture to the work of Kader Attia, his personal collection and the way in which this perpetually challenges a museum practice that is focused on the management and conservation of cultural forms.

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