Book ‘Van hier tot daar’ (From here to there)

@Kurt Stockman
@Kurt Stockman

Support Red Cross Flanders and buy the book 'Van hier tot daar' (From here to there). All proceeds will go directly into the development of new artistic projects at the reception centres.

Rudi Vranckx: "Our primary task is to give refugees a face and a name. The cause of their fate is universal and timeless: war and misery.”

'Van hier tot daar / D'ici jusque là-bas' (From here to there) showcases drawings by refugees in Belgium. Armed with pencil and paper, S.M.A.K. went to reception centres in the Maximiliaan Park, Poelkapelle, Sijsele, Koksijde, Leopoldsburg and Holsbeek and invited residents to draw. The results are surprising and display fragility, are sometimes cruel but above all recognisable. Their subjects range from war, risky boat journeys and deeply human sadness, to football and flowers, and to small moments of happiness.

Where words fall short, visual language demonstrates its universal power. Following on from 'Traces of Survival' (2015), with drawings by the residents of refugee camps in Iraq, this new book is S.M.A.K.’s contribution to the debate on refugees and to the images that are created of them.

This publication is a joint project by S.M.A.K., Mercatorfonds and Red Cross Flanders. With the support of Fedasil and Engie Electrabel.

The book costs 15 euro
Languages: NL & FR
For sale at S.M.A.K.
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