David Bade | Zwaan kleeft aan (All stick together)


Together with young people, psychiatric patients, art students, and Ghent residents, David Bade & the Instituto Buena Bista built an artwork under Ghent’s market hall.

The exhibition Zwaan Kleef Aan with the Dutch artist David Bade and the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) was presented in the summer of 2014. In addition to the exhibition, we organised a summer workshop between 18 and 28 August 2014 under the market hall, the finest meeting place in the historic centre of Ghent.

David Bade and the IBB worked together with a core team of Curaçaoan students and Ghent staff. Under the motto “everyone has imagination”, and in partnership with very diverse groups of Ghent residents, they built a huge, colourful artwork: a ‘Wailing Wall’. It is a growing sculpture made from all kinds of materials, to which participants – groups of young people, psychiatric patients, art students, interested parties, etc. keep adding new designs, colours and stories. The evolution of the artwork is recorded in an animation film which the participants can help draw, cut and edit.

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