Don’t forget the guide | Lisa Bracke

Robert Therrien, No Title (Stacked Plates), 1994
Robert Therrien, No Title (Stacked Plates), 1994
Guide Lisa Bracke
Guide Lisa Bracke
Guide Lisa Bracke in the exhibition 'Kris Martin | EXIT

Because all group visits are cancelled until the end of June 2020, until then you will get a story, an anecdote, a look at a work of art by one of our guides. Today that guide is Lisa Bracke.

All group visits in S.M.A.K. were cancelled due to COVID-19 until the end of June 2020, so the guides were also out of work. Though we don't forget them: they remain born and fascinating storytellers, whether in the museum hall or this way. 

'Gouden Gids' (Golden Guide)

"I stand nervously in the room. In front of me lies a sea of blue illuminated by the lamps. A red explosion of shapes is playing out on the wall to the left of me, and to the right Picasso and Pollock vie to gain the upper hand. In the corner of the space, Emanuel Feuermann is performing a monumental cello concerto in soundless forms.

Proudly pinned to my chest is the ‘Golden Guide’ badge. This is my first experience as a guide at S.M.A.K. and I allow my eyes to drink in the scene. S.M.A.K. is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the festive retrospective exhibition The Collection (1), Highlights for a Future. Invitees begin to trickle in and navigate between the artworks, smiling, chatting and admiring.

What an evening to start your guiding adventure! In the weeks that followed I embarked upon several voyages of discovery through the jungle of artworks, only to pause beside a few rare and exotic specimens. The dancing Stacked Plates by Robert Therrien has enraptured many a child with the ritual that precedes the magical revelation. Together we walked around the huge mountain of heaped-up plates whilst fixing our gaze upon a point in the middle. The first yell of astonishment echoed through the cabinet and the space was soon filled with cries of amazement and pleasure.

My name is Lisa Bracke and I’m a guide at S.M.A.K.. I first studied at Hogent for a teaching diploma in fine arts and history, and then at the LUCA School of Arts, from which I graduated with a Bachelor’s in illustration and a Master’s in visual arts. As well as working as a guide, I’m an illustrator and part-time teacher. The experience of art is central to my tours. Together with the group, I look both at and with the artwork, discussing it with them so that we arrive at new insights together. Every first Wednesday of the month, you will find me at the museum with grandparents and their grandchildren in the monthly workshop Oma, wat heb je grote ogen! (Granny, what big eyes you have!).

I hope to see you soon!"


Lisa has been a guide in S.M.A.K. since 2019.


We hope to be able to allow group visits again from 1 July 2020, but this is subject to what the National Security Council will decide. Through this link you will find all the information

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