Drawing in lockdown

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Call: Make a drawing, send it in, and S.M.A.K. will collate.

S.M.A.K. has a long tradition of initiating drawing projects: we’ve been organising them since 2014. The museum has conducted projects with refugees in camps in Iraq and reception centres in Belgium, for example, and also with prisoners and newcomers. The drawings have been collated in books such as ‘Traces Of Survival’, ‘Van Hier Tot Daar’ (From Here to There), ‘The Borderline Books’ and ‘Gentle Figures/ Beautiful Friends’.

Drawing – as a special and unique human trait – was central to all these projects. Just like writing, it is an activity that is often practiced in seclusion. Now that almost all of us are living in isolation, S.M.A.K. invites you to make a drawing – ranging from a (self) portrait or still life to a view from your window – and send it to the museum.

We will collate the drawings that are submitted during this exceptional period. Everyone can participate: young and old, artists and enthusiasts.

Please take the following conditions into account:

  • Drawings should ideally be black and white.
  • Maximum A4 size – vertical format.
  • Include your details on the back of your drawing: Name, age, postal address and e-mail address.

Send your drawing by post to:
Jan Hoetplein 1, 9000 Ghent.

* photo: S.M.A.K. has fifty-two drawings by the Iraqi artist Salam Atta Sabri in its collection. Most of the works were made in the artist’s bathroom at a time when it was too dangerous to take to the streets in Baghdad. His drawings form an autobiography in which his past mingles with the situation in which he found himself.

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