New edition: Haleh Redjaian | Strings, 2021

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Haleh Redjaian | Strings, 2021
25 + 2 a.p.
Lithography 35 x 35 cm on 42 x 50 cm paper Canson Gravure, 250g

Price: 300 euro | 250 euro (members) The edition is sold without frame.
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"Haleh Redjaian (°1971 Frankfurt) lives and works in Berlin. For her, the line is the beginning of everything. The line connects one point with another, demarcates a space and offers infinite possibilities for the invention of forms, patterns and geometric combinations.

The works are situated somewhere between two and three dimensions. She often makes situational installations, but Redjaian also thinks in a spatial way in her drawings and tapestries. Each medium is a space: paper, textile, or architecture. In this sense, the artist makes no distinction between drawing on a sheet of paper or drawing in space. What counts is perspective: not only mathematical perspective, but also the attitude we adopt. How do we stand in the space and how do we relate to a certain idea?

Redjaian opts for a geometric visual language, with (sometimes repetitive) patterns, shapes and planes. She sees the poetic potential of geometric forms, rather than their purely mathematical qualities. With only a vague idea in advance of what the work will look like, she always starts with a line, which evolves into a form. Lines, in combination with each other, have the possibility to assume an infinite variety of forms.

The works on textile have as basis a small carpet, woven in Iran. The carpet is usually white. For Redjaian, the texture is comparable to that of checkered paper: there is a certain grid as a basis for the lines she will apply to it. Sometimes she prints a drawing on the textile, sometimes she makes a drawing herself with 'lines' of thread. The compositions are of the same 'mindset' as her other drawings: geometrically abstract and with room for the coincidences that the material brings. ...."

From a text by Tamara Beheydt, for White House gallery.

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