Educational folder about people on the move

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For primary and secondary education

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Photo: Kurt Stockman

In 2016 we published the book "From Here to There" (Van Hier tot Daar) with drawings of newly arrived refugees in the reception centres of Red Cross Flanders. The book is on sale for 15 euros via S.M.A.K.

Because you may have students who have fled or want to work with this issue, we developed an extensive teaching folder for teachers together with the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent and Flemish Refugee Action and in cooperation with the city of Ghent. They offer you as a teacher tools to work with these themes for a couple of weeks and/or to visit the exhibition.

The assignments are on the cutting edge of world studies and music education. We are convinced that working creatively on this subject is an added value. The many assignments in the book address themes such as flight, the concept of 'home', nationality and globalisation in a challenging and responsible way.

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