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Sybren Vanoverberghe (°1996, Kortrijk) recently moved into a studio in Otegem, in West Flanders. Vanoverberghe's work shows the landscape in a constant state of change. The coherence between place and time is shown in images where history, nature and heritage run into each other. Vanoverberghe's photographs are made both at places of historical importance and at ordinary locations.

Sybren IV

His work raises questions about the importance of icons and shows presets of existing structures confronted with what can be seen as artefacts of the future. There is no chronological order in Vanoverberghe's work; certain images represent a past that never existed. Vanoverberghe often works in his books around the cyclical aspect of certain sites that are no longer geographically situated.

The work offers hypothetical questions that go back and forth in time in equal measure. When can an image be seen as a document of the past and when can it be seen as a prophecy for the future? There is a constant tension between accepting images that are seen as documents of the past and denying those that are seen as prophecies for the future.

Atelier Sybren I

Vanoverberghe's work has been published in books such as '2099' (2018), 'Conference of the Birds' (2019) and '1099' (2020) by APE (Art Paper Editions). He received the 'Prix Horlait Dapsens' and is part of the '.tiff' selection of FOMU Antwerp. He had exhibitions at Deweer Gallery (Otegem, Belgium), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Stieglitz19 (Antwerp, Belgium), the Unseen Photo Fair (Amsterdam, Netherlands), the Cultural Centre of Yangzhou (China) and collaborated with fashion brand Ann Demeulemeester.

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Together with the artist, the Friends of S.M.A.K. made an edition that is now on sale via info@vriendensmak.be.

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