Artwork 'Herinnering aan het doodsbed van mijn moeder' by Roger Raveel on display in BOZAR


This year, Roger Raveel would have turned 100, which is why BOZAR is honouring this artist with a major retrospective that portrays his artistic career in an exceptional manner. The work 'Herinnering aan het doodsbed van miijn moeder' (Remembrance of my mother's deathbed), which is in our collection, will also be on display in this exhibition.

Roger Raveel was a master with a unique vision. He was a pioneer in many fields. Raveel deviated from the norm followed by his contemporaries and evolved into a style that lies between the abstract and the figurative. His greatest source of inspiration was everyday, banal reality. In the 1960s, together with Raoul De Keyser, Etienne Elias and Reinier Lucassen, he sowed the seeds of the new figuration, the painting style related to pop art in Belgium and the Netherlands. Together they created a highlight with the basement fresco in Beervelde Castle. From the abstract, the artists created a new vision. A new kind of figuration emerged, as it were, a new way of looking at things.

He did not follow any particular movement or school, but always remained his self-willed self. This single-mindedness resulted in a remarkable, innovative oeuvre. He is considered one of Belgium's most important post-war artists.

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