Mini-docu 'CHUPAPI': CLW Gent & Anna Boghiguian

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In 2021 pupils of the Centre for Learning and Working and documentary maker Laura Zuallaert together visited 'A Short Long History' by Anna Boghiguian. The mini-docu 'Chupapi' can be seen as a response to Boghiguian's previous exhibition.

In Boghiguian's exhibition, the industrial past of the city of Ghent was dealt with, among other things. In a series of workshops, the youngsters of CLW, who are at the beginning of their professional careers, worked on the theme 'labour'. Together with Laura, they thought about what it means to have to work and which profession they would like to exercise.

Together with Stijn Wastyn they made a series of stop-motion videos and did some experiments with shadow play. Because of covid, the film could not premiere, but we are still happy to show you the result of the project: the film 'Chupapi'.

S.M.A.K. regularly organises art projects in cooperation with various partners from the social and cultural field.

Together with participants, we visit the current exhibitions and then, inspired by what we have seen, set to work ourselves. Sometimes the projects continue even longer after the exhibitions have ended. The results can be seen as an artistic "answer" to the exhibition programme.

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